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Electronic Yellow Cards/ADR Reporting in MiDatabank

Yellow Card Submission

Version 3.1 of MiDatabank now has the facility to electronically submit an ADR report directly to the MHRA.

By clicking on the button in the top-right, the ADR report is electronically transmitted to the MHRA.

The first electronic Yellow Card (eYC) was sent on 28th February 2011 by the North West Medicines Information Centre in Liverpool.

In September 2011 the UKMI Executive gave approval for the national roll-out of eYC at UKMI centres using MiDatabank version 3.1


If you experience any problems submitting adrs electronically please see the document
 'Web Service Configuration for electronic ADR submission'.
A recent article in the Clinical Pharmacist Journal explains more about how this is being used in the UK:

Give Adverse Drug Reactions the Yellow Card.  Clinical Pharmacist 2010; Towers K. 

MHRA Press Release:

New study launched for pharmacists to report adverse drug reactions electronically

The software has been successfully piloted: All pilot centres have successfully submitted electronic Yellow Card reports to the MHRA using MiDatabank. As a result, UKMI centres have approval from the UKMI Executive and the MHRA to submit electronic Yellow Cards using MiDatabank version 3.1