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Summary of MiDatabank

MiDatabank is a Windows software application that enables medicines information staff (often pharmacists) in an organisation to record, manage, store and search their enquiries.

MiDatabank is a highly scalable solution suitable for small companies or hospitals with a single site or large organisations with multiple sites. MiDatabank is now configurable for use in three distinctly different operational environments:

(Click on each one for more information about their appropriateness to your organisation.)

MiDatabank consists of two Windows applications:

  • Enquiry Manager
  • Administrator Application
Both applications run on PC workstations, and connect to a Microsoft SQL server database running elsewhere on the network. 

For an overview of MiDatabank please view the MiDatabank presentation.

Following its success in the UK, MiDatabank is now used internationally in many continents & countries including Europe, Scandinavia, Middle East, Africa and Australia.
  • In 2008, MiDatabank was adopted by many state and private hospitals in Saudi Arabia and the UAE
  • In 2010, MiDatabank v3 was adopted by the National Prescribing Service (NPS) in Australia. (In 2014, ADRs reports are electronically submitted to the TGA.) 
  • In 2013, MiDatabank was used to launch a national MI centre in Kuwait
  • In 2014, MiDatabank is being used in some African universities (which double as MI centres) to teach students about medicines information.