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The Sharer


The MiDatabank Sharer comprises two components – the ‘uploader’ and ‘viewer’. Use of the Sharer is entirely optional but it will provide your centre with additional knowledge and flexibility.

  • The uploader copies your enquiries to an externally hosted and secure CoAcS website.

  • The viewer enables MiDatabank users to view their own centre’s enquiries and shared ones from other organisations.

What happens

Sharer software loaded onto your computer regularly uploads completed enquiries to the CoAcS web server. This is a very secure process. We do not include any fields containing patient identifiable data (PID) which reduces the information governance burden.

The MiDatabank administrator looks at individual enquiries and decides whether each one might be shared with the MI community. Enquiries can be taken down if they are no longer deemed suitable for sharing.



  • Users can view all of their own completed enquiries from remote locations

  • Users can see other centres' enquiries and save time researching what has already been researched elsewhere

  • Sharing creates a collection of best practice solutions

  • Upload process can act as a partial database backup

  • Sharing can help identify national patterns and trends


For information

  • An annual subscription costs just £150.

  • A manual is provided

  • The UKMi Sharer is only available to UKMi centres in the UK network. (Other sharer communities may be set up within other countries to exclusively share only their own data.)

Click here to see a Powerpoint Presentation with screen shots.


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