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It is recommended that you update the drug dictionary every month.

Please download the latest drug dictionary zip file to your local computer. The download link is shown at the bottom of this page. The file contained within the zip should then be moved to a shared network directory. In order for MiDatabank to be able to use this file, you must enter the full path of this location. This is done using the Admin location - there is a field called 'Path of Drug Dictionary XML File'.

The best solution is to put the drug dictionary xml file into the root of your Attachment Storage Directory.

For example, if your Attachment Storage Directory is //san/MID/ then it is suggest that you copy the file called MI_DMD.xml to this location, and then specify the 'Path of Drug Dictionary' as //san/MID/MI_DMD.xml
Configuration of DMD


 TitleModified DateSize 
October 2017 UK Drug Dictionary02/11/20172.37 MBDownload
December 2016 Australian Drug Dictionary10/04/2017804.07 KBDownload