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MiDatabank licences are valid for one year and renewed annually. When your licence is close to expiry, an advanced warning notice will be displayed for 30 days. It will persist until the renewal is activated.

If the renewal date passes without further action, the database will become READ ONLY for all users. However, this status can be reversed once a renewal is requested.

For ALL users of MiDatabank 3.1.1 or later, please request a renewal from within the Admin module. Go to the 'Configuration' tab and click the button 'Request Renewal'

If the 'Request Renewal' function in the Admin module fails it could be due to your proxy server settings. Please refer to the 'Web Service Configuration for Resource Updates and Renewal' document in the 'Installation' section of the 'Documentation' tab for information on how to resolve this problem.

Otherwise, please send an email to