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MiCAL Version 21

If you are an existing MiCAL user with unfinished assessments on MiCAL V21 then you have until the end of October 2022 to complete your work.

Click on the button below to access MiCAL V21.

MiCAL is updated annually and in doing so only the details of organisational leads are transferred onto the new version. All other users will have to be re-created by the organisational lead to allow user access to the new version of MiCAL. Any work completed in the previous version will not be transferred into the updated MiCAL.

MiCAL Version 21

If you were able to log into the previous version of MiCAL at your organisation but cannot do so since the updated version was launched, please contact your organisational lead for MiCAL. If you do not know who your lead is then please contact CoAcS on 01225 312992 or email