Christine Proudlove, Director of North West Medicines Information Centre, UK

MiDatabank has improved our efficiency and our documentation and consistency in enquiry answering. We all love it - we wouldn't go back!

Peter Golightly, Head of Trent Region Medicines Information Centre, UK

The indispensible, intuitive and flexible system for effective and efficient management of enquiries. With 10 users in our department, Midatabank is the core tool of the whole sevice without which the service would struggle to function. An absolute essential for every medicines (drug) information service

Robin Burfield, Development Manager, Prescribing Services Unit, Health Solutions Wales, Cardiff, UK

Health Solutions Wales have implemented MI Databank on a single database on a server running all the MI Centres throughout the whole of Wales as a national system. We have found it to be reliable, scaleable and robust and Coacs have been responsive to our needs at all times. Having a single database has proved particularly useful as we accumulate more data from the various MI Centres and allows some of the data to be shared across all the MI Centres.

Elena Grant, Director of West Midlands Medicines Information Service, UK

We think that MiDatabank is a major advance in enquiry management for medicines information pharmacists. It:

  • supports high standards of enquiry documentation
  • encourages use of standard search patterns and previous queries as a resource
  • allows the generation of customised reports for service monitoring
  • assists prioritisation and assignment of workload in larger centres
Overall, in our view MiDatabank is an invaluable tool to help us produce quality work and we could not function effectively without it.

Jonathan Hall, Wessex Region Drug & Medicines Information Centre, UK

CoAcS made our transition to MIdatabank painless and seamless. The product works, is adaptable, and after sales support has been excellent

Alexandra Denby, London Medicines Information Service, UK

Finally, an easy-to-use, interactive MI enquiry database for the 21st century. Direct links to commonly used web-sites aid enquiry answering. Improved documentation, advanced search functions and the ability to upload supporting material all contribute to this comprehensive database to improve patient care.

Jon Standing, North Bristol NHS Trust, UK

We started using MiDatabank a couple of months ago and haven’t looked back since. I wished we’d started using it before. It’s very self-intuitive and provides a timesaving way of producing enquiries making the most of the ever increasing electronic resources. It also provides a solution to the large storage requirements for paper enquiries and a clear audit trail for each enquiry.

Katie Smith, Mark Cheeseman, Sarah Cavanagh, East Anglia Medicines Information Service

This is an invaluable MI resource. MiDatabank is easy to use and provides an audit trail for our work. Our concordance with the UKMI standards for enquiry answering have improved with use of MiDatabank. Use of MiDatabank helps to ensure patient safety and compliance with risk governance and clinical governance standards. Once you use MiDatabank you won't want to use paper again. This is something all MI centres should have.

Bridget Rankin, Maidstone and Tunbridge Wells NHS Trust

I have been using MiDatabank for over 18 months and am a big fan. The documentation of enquiries in our MI centre has improved a great deal since we introduced the software. I really like the ease with which I can retrieve past enquiries but the feature I like the best is being able to link directly from an enquiry to the URL of of a www based resourse or an Intranet page/document. The pre-registration and junior pharmacists on rotation like the fact that a saved and printed enquiry from MiDatabank provides excellent evidence that they are meeting performance standards and achieving competency.

Orla Macdonald, Oxfordshire and Buckinghamshire Mental Health Partnership NHS Trust, UK

We have been using MI databank for three months and have found it has revolutionised query answering in our department. Previously our pharmacists were reluctant to record queries that they had answered because of the laborious task of writing everything out. Now everyone is recording queries and finding it so much easier to search queries that others have done. Even answering the queries has become easier, because the database signposts you to the resources that are available and the links to websites and telephone numbers speeds up the process of researching. I have found that my responses are more comprehensive than they might have been previously, mainly because I can cut and paste information directly from my resources to my answer. I also find that having the relevant detailed information summarised in front of me, makes me feel more confident about the accuracy of my answer. All in all, it is an excellent system, which has quickly become indispensible for us.

Becca and Wiebke, Lister Hospital, UK

MiDatabank is user-friendly and easy to navigate. We have found it a real asset in our MI Service. CoAcS provide a fast and efficient support service.

Debbie Storer / Catherine Stephenson, Nottingham University Hospitals NHS Trust

We have used MIDatabank for a year now and have found it to be beneficial in our enquiry management. It is user friendly.

Mair Martin, North West Wales NHS Trust

The usefulness of electronic enquiry answering is unlimited! We have found MiDatabank useful in specific patient queries which have prevented adverse incidents because the records have been fully documented and are easily recalled. Having electronic archiving saves so much paperwork, which saves time and the world! It provides a good value governance tool and is fun to use. Young pharmacists love it!

Sarah Fenner, Good Hope Hosptial, Sutton Coldfield, UK

MiDatabank is a very useful tool for managing enquiries in a busy MI Centre

Diana Faull & Janet McNeece, Senior Pharmacists, Adelaide Hospital, Australia

We all think it is great - exceptionally easy to use and we are very happy. As a starting point the UK master resource list has worked well for us as we use very similar resources. We find it easy to use - much easier than the old system we had here. Changing to new blue tooth head sets and the ability to access MiDatabank on multiple computers has facilitated speedy data entry. The structure of the MiDatabank entry screens has made it a simple process and the addition of the automatic key wording has helped with enquiry retrieval. Being able to individualise data entry has also been a great bonus