MiDatabank i (for the pharmaceutical industry)

MiDatabank i is the version of MiDatabank aimed at organisations in, or related to, the pharmaceutical industry. MiDatabank i can be used by pharmaceutical companies, or outsourcers, involved in the marketing of:

  • Ethical pharmaceuticals
  • Generics
  • Vitamins / OTC products

MiDatabank i enables users to record Medical Information enquiries, Complaints and Adverse Drug reactions. MiDatabank i is scalable and may be used by individuals in small companies through to larger companies with multiple locations.

Special features in MiDatabank i

Standard functions include efficient enquiry logging; searching for past enquiries; a reference section including FAQs and wider resources; letter production facility; metrics and reports.

MiDatabank i also includes important special features designed to aid efficiency, compliance and professionalism:

  • Product centric
  • Processes to handle medicines enquiries, QA complaints and ADR reports
  • A customisable ‘Helper panel’ to provide response prompts and checklists
  • A searchable repository for FAQs, standard texts and letter templates
  • Automatic retrieval of previous similar / related enquiries or responses
  • Dashboard facility for easy monitoring of workload
  • Extensive research facilities including on-line and network
  • Customisable enquiry categorisations
  • Easy print function
  • Concomitant drug recording (for ADR reconciliation reports)