MiDatabank is being used in CCGs to handle enquiries and calls from surgeries in their region. The system is evolving to provide knowledge, tools and reports that are specific to the needs of CCGs.

MiDatabank also has a special type of ‘enquiry’ called a Project. With a similar interface but a different use, Projects can help CCGs track and keep records of key events that led to a formulary decision, for example.

MiDatabank – standard features

  • A shared database of local enquiries and knowledge gained
  • Extensive resources and search functions (to research similar past enquiries)
  • DM+D drug directory, keywords list
  • FAQs
  • ADR reporting with MedDRA terms
  • Workflow rules / authorisation / strict access roles

What MiDatabank can provide CCGs

  • Aid with peer reviews of specific enquiries
  • Early safety 'trend' spotting with keyword reporting
  • ‘Projects’ to track formulary decisions (high cost drugs / evidence reviews)
  • Reports / analysis of enquiry types down to surgery level
  • Metrics, in date ranges, of enquiry numbers, time taken, difficulty, route, category, route of reply etc.

As a support tool to determine:

  • What sort of questions are being asked
  • If, and how, the same question was answered previously
  • Where questions originate and why some surgeries make more enquiries than others
  • If there are issues with some drugs in the formulary
  • The balance of staff workload
  • Whether there are any training issues – staff or enquirers

Benefits arising

  • Use Project records to gather evidence about formulary issues
  • Create ‘exemplar’ replies for repeat or complex enquiries
  • Audit trail ensures correct answer is provided / procedures in place
  • Electronically submit ADRs using MHRA Yellow Card system
  • Potential to share anonymised enquiries with other NHS organisations

What one CCG customer says about MiDatabank:

Quality – “Answers can be reviewed and approved in real time by senior staff. This has improved the quality of our answering. Plus the fact that you know your colleagues will see these enquiries as you do them so added incentive for us to do them well!”

Efficiency/Productivity – “If an enquiry has been done before, the keyword search lets an adviser see both the answer and research previously done by a colleague meaning work is not repeated. This has saved a lot of time for us.”

Safety – “Documented answers for reference, yellow card reporting etc. In various reports we have been putting the amount of times a keyword has featured in our answers over preceding months. With the new reporting functions we will be able to identify safety trends through keyword reports.”